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Welcome to PAS

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PAS IMBY Education Programme

The planning system is founded on the principles of social equity, equality and delivering public good. Over 20% of planning professionals in Scotland volunteer with PAS, giving their knowledge, experience and time to help people of all ages and backgrounds to participate, at the earliest opportunity, in placemaking.

So if you need advice about a planning application or just want to know how the planning process works, PAS is here to help.

Dunblane CharrettePlus

PAS education programmes are designed for children and young people and our training is targeting seldom heard groups, community groups and elected members. Find out more about the PAS Foundation's work to support young people.

We also facilitate a community visioning process Charretteplus® to help everyone have a say in the future of their area. SP=EED® is our guide to effective community engagement and SP=EED® Verification is the associated skills development programme.

The latest posts from the PAS blog

Summary of recent PAS projects

PAS has produced a number of short summaries from recent projects. These range from community-led charrettes and community land use plans to development plan engagement and youth engagement.

Blog by PAS Erasmus Intern

Over the last 4 years PAS has been lucky enough to host an German ERASMUS exchange interns from the Bauhaus-University Weimar over the summer. In this blog our most recent intern Julia Schluetsmeier-Hage reflects on her experience with PAS.

Community Placemaking Workshops

PAS is currently running a series of Community Placemaking Workshops throughout the Dumfries and Galloway area.

CuparCould – final reports

The final reports of our CuparCould Charretteplus are now available to read - learn about the outcomes of the engagement with the local community including young people.

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